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Alumni Spotlight
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Jim Fogarty - Class of 1994

Why did your family choose Kennedy for your education?
My parents are graduates from Kennedy.  One thing they both agreed on was raising me in the Catholic faith, and they both made sacrifices to ensure I received a very thoughtful upbringing focused on a foundation of education, kindness and love.   

What is your favorite high school memory?
Most of my closest friends to this day are those forged as Eagles. Some go back even further. Twenty five years later and we're still making great memories for the future, and re-telling and reliving some amazing times at Kennedy. It would be almost unfair to single out just one since there were so many. Certainly one when we were all together. It's probably why I liked lunch so much.    
Did you have a teacher or class that was a major influence on you?
Mr. Hoover, Mr. Karenbauer and Sister Mary Jean drove a lot out of me.  They challenged me.  It shaped and crafted my writing and love of literature, arts and sciences.  Mrs. Binko's class was my favorite, but one thing about J.F.K. is the teachers were so good and really took an interest in helping you achieve a well rounded education for life.


Education/Professional Experience:

BA in Film from Bowling Green State University 1998, Graduate of the Professional Program in Screenwriting from The  University of California, Los Angeles, 2007; Twenty years in production, advertising and media consulting.


What career did you choose and tell us a little bit about how you got there:
I chose a career in the visual arts; Filmmaking, video production, advertising and media consulting mostly. I have so many interests in other fields like health care, medicine and science, but I'm grateful for those who guided me to stay confident and pursue what I'm most passionate about. I got into it because I followed my heart in spite of the unknown and that has made the difference.
What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
I'm proud we've created the kind of environment at our production company that puts family first, that fosters an environment of creative teamwork, and allows us to become friends with our clients.  Those are the kind of long term relationships we strive to build.  Awards and accolades are great reminders that validate our teams' hard work or look good up on the mantle, but being a small part of our friends and families successes is something we're continually most proud of.
What is a specific piece of advice you would give to a Kennedy senior?  
There are more people that are going to tell you "no," or discourage you from doing something that's out of the norm.  Don't blame them for not being able to see your vision, and certainly don't let that stop you. Those million "no's" can be fuel to build momentum to eventually prove them wrong.  Because it only takes one person (or person(s) to say "yes" and get the ball rolling.  Once that happens don't squander it.  Use that opportunity to shine, even if it means you may have to make sacrifices initially, or step outside of your comfort zone.  Live in the moment, work hard, and do your best, no matter what level or position you're in.  That philosophy will help you stay hungry, and not get complacent or content with the contents of your life.  No matter what you choose to do, live it for you. Make it count and don't ever forget where you came from or those who helped you get started.  When times get tough, and they will,  remember to just ask yourself one question. Are you an Eagle?!


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