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Alumni Spotlight
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Anne Marie (Dull) Setting, Class of 2001


Why did your family chose Kennedy for your education?
My family wanted me to have the best education in the area, while also being in an environment based on Catholic values. 


What is your favorite Kennedy memory?

I was very involved with music and theatre at JFK prior to the great new programs at the school now.  My first leading role in a musical was during my freshman year playing Sandy in Grease!  My experiences there, and in future shows at JFK helped me choose one of my majors in college – vocal performance. 


Did you have a teacher or class that was a major influence on you?

This is a very difficult question!  I think I had 4 teachers who really shaped how I viewed learning, influenced the quality of my work, or my view of the world.  Mrs. Prebish and Mr. Karrenbauer, sadly no longer with us,  made me the writer I am today.  Mr. Hoover brought me a great appreciation of classic British Literature and British History – which is a hobby of mine today, and Mrs. Ben Daali opened my view to world travel and languages, something I still study and practice today. 



Youngstown State University – BSBA (Bachelor of Science Business Administration) in Marketing Management.  Minor in Vocal Performance – Graduated 2007. I entered YSU as a Voice Major and then added business as a Major later on.  I grew to actually like this major better and finished this degree while transferring voice to my minor.


What career did you choose and tell us a little bit about how you got there. What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

 When I graduated college, I did what any recent grad would do – start sending my resume everywhere!  I luckily obtained an interview 12 years ago with McKesson Automation – which was a company based out of Pittsburgh and a part of the Fortune 15 medication distribution company – McKesson.  This business unit created automation and robotics to distribute and manage medication within health systems.  I was excited to be a part of a company whose sole goal was to make our hospitals a safer place.  I’ve gone through about 5 promotions and 2 company acquisitions to be where I am today.  Our company eventually merged with Omnicell, Inc. based out of Silicon Valley.  Today, I am a Health System Executive with the company, which is a senior sales position focused solely on consulting with our country’s largest health systems to automate their medication distribution process to allow more time for patient care. 


This past year, I was inducted into their “Green Jacket Club” (very similar to the Masters, ha) which awards those in the sales organization that have exceeded quote for 3+ years in a row.  I am only the 4th woman inducted into this society, so as of right now I see this as my greatest accomplishment!


I didn’t forget about my music background, and am also the Director of Voice at James Dance and Performing Arts Center in Howland, OH.  I teach 3 Musical Theatre classes as well as many private students.  I’ve had multiple students continue their music careers into college or in a professional setting.    


What is a specific piece of advice you would give to a Kennedy senior?

Really start to expand your view outside of high school, its politics, and what seems important right now.  It will not be important once you graduate.  Start educating yourself on what’s really important to you, and your relationships will change, how you view the world will change.  How can what you learned at Kennedy benefit you in the “real world”?

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