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Kindergarten Online Application
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Welcome to John F. Kennedy Catholic School - Kindergarten Online Application

Students who desire an educational experience founded on the Catholic Philosophy of education who fulfill the age, health, academic and behavioral requirements are eligible for admission to John F. Kennedy Catholic School.  Any student who is interested in enrolling and/or transferring as an incoming Kindergarten student must complete the following application.


Please Note:

Children who reach the age of five years by September 30th may be admitted to a Kindergarten program. Kindergarten screenings are required for admission and are scheduled for the end of May.  You will be contacted to schedule your date and time.


Additional Admission Information:
A student is admitted to the school on the premise the student intends to learn the Catholic religion and be educated in a Catholic environment.  In certain cases, students may be admitted on a probationary basis subject to the student successfully completing one or more subsequent interim evaluations.  Students with academic or other needs (i.e. behavioral) which cannot be reasonably addressed by the school may be denied admission.

When the school cannot offer placement to  a student, we are eager to offer counsel about other schools that may be able to accommodate the student.  When there are more qualified candidates than openings available, the school establishes an unranked waiting list; if any openings occur, the admissions committee decides which candidate(s) to offer a position based on the overall profile of the class and the match between the needs and qualifications of the student with the needs of the school.  Please note, preference for admittance is reserved for students who are currently members of a Catholic feeder parish.